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Welcome to the Grey Wolf | White Owl Village!

Founded in July of 2017, the Grey Wolf | White Owl Village is home to four distinct shoppes. These shoppes are filled with items ranging from Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry to Small Batch Beard Oils. While visiting the village be sure to check out the latest edition of Jovial Tymes. This local publication contains recipes, travel updates, and the wonderful Adventures of Aws. Shoppes Apothicaire - Here you'll find items such as Beard Oil, Lotions, Creams and more. Our GW | WO Apothicaire collection is a combination of handmade and small batch personal care items; with a focus on using high quality essential oils and ingredients. Trooper & Kit's Paw Shoppe - Located in the old Dainty Goat Press space, T & K's is stocked up with items for your pets! From Paracord...

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